Joystick Controls


Glendinning Marine ProPilot

A joystick engine control is the ultimate in “Boat Handling Made Easy!” Many different types of boats can be retrofitted with a joystick. So do not assume that you have to wait for your next boat to obtain this most intuitive and elegant engine control device.

Combine the control of your engine, bow and/or stern thrusters into a single joystick that can turn and direct your boat with a simple twist and push in the direction you want to move.  The controller orchestrates the power to the engine and thrusters so that even inexperienced captains can navigate the tightest tight docking and maneuvering in difficult wind and current conditions.

If you are considering bow and/or stern thruster upgrades to your boat it makes sense to see if a joystick can be added at the same time.

The ProPilot & ProPilot-S (for sailboats and single engine boats)

  • Can be combined with any type engine/transmission with Glendinning engine controls
  • Compatible with any type of bow or stern thruster
  • Includes integrated thruster control buttons


New England Bow Thruster (NEBT) is able to integrate the joystick into your control panel so that it looks and feels like it came new with the boat.  Custom mounting hardware can be fabricated to enable both ergonomic function and give it an OEM install appearance.

NEBT handles all of the wiring and connections to insure both safety and access.  Finally, our technician will computer calibrate and balance your joystick control so that it operates to the manufacturers design expectations.

Enhance your boating experience with both thrusters AND a joystick control from NEBT!

Give us a call or fill out this contact form for a free consultation and quote.

And remember, NEBT offers a lifetime installation warranty on our materials and work.

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