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We are certified to sell and service Vetus, Lewmar, Side Power, Max Power, Dockmate®, Quick, Maxwell, Glendinning Marine, just to name a few of the reputable brands we represent.

All of these boat control solutions need to be engineered specifically for your boat and installed with the craftsman expertise that insures their optimal performance - while leaving all other aspects of your boating experience unchanged.

The reasons to choose New England Bow Thruster (NEBT) to enhance your boating experience can be seen simply as Expertise, Experience and Care but here are a few more words to put meat on the bone…

  • Over 30 years of thruster and control systems installation experience and a long, long list of very satisfied customers that we are willing to share.
  • An installation design methodology that considers our customer’s specific use of the boat and achieving optimal boat performance - ahead of ease of installation.
  • A lifetime installation warranty on our materials and work.
  • A fastidious approach to cleanliness that is always noticed by our customers and belies the invasive nature of much of our boat work.
  • A scientific approach to thruster tunnel location involving laser metrics that insures location within 0.25” – no guess work or mistakes to cover up.
  • State of the art tunnel faring using the best fiberglass shaping and finishing techniques that optimize thruster performance while minimizing thruster noise, turbulence and boat drag.
  • An engineer’s approach to the installation and construction process using absolute top end materials, epoxy resins and biaxial fabrics for aviation like strength and longevity.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic location and mounting of thruster joystick or touch panel controls that are useable in conjunction with engine controls via custom mounts and brackets. Better yet, you can choose a wireless control option.
  • Electrical installation per the ABYC code – the governing body of boat building systems installation.
  • Use of high end, slim profile American batteries with high discharge rates and very long life for both thruster performance and easier placement that minimizes gear storage impact.
  • Battery charging system alternatives that are designed foremost for boat safety and also peak battery bank performance.

Why not make your boating experience more enjoyable and get the most out of your boat!

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All of our quotes are flat fixed rate quotes – no open ended time + materials quoting for any of our standard product line installations.

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