Project Portfolio

Backed by over 30 years of experience in the marine industry, New England Bow Thruster launched as the premier thruster installation specialists. NEBT has developed proprietary tools and procedures to make each and every installation first in quality and performance. The quality of our fiberglass work and finishing is unparalleled. The custom made laser based tools ensure the thruster is installed in the optimum position, not “about” where it should be, but “exactly” where it should be – every time. Remember, a thruster is only as good as the installation and our approach results in more quiet, convenient and reliable pounds of thrust per dollar than can be achieved elsewhere.

Most installations are completed in 2-3 days so down time of the vessel is kept to a minimum. Aside from how fun it is to have a thruster, this is inherently another reason to own a thruster. Your time on the water is precious so enjoying as much of it as you can lands high on the list.

Installation Examples

Carolina Bow Thruster